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Festivak website and registration partners with Eventpartners
Festivak website and registration partner, again Event partners Since 2009 OGZ, Organizer of Festivak, has chosen Event Partners as participant and visitor registration partner. "We are going to make something new this year," says Sven Bordes, Director of Eventpartners. Festivak is a leading Dutch and Belgian trade fair aimed at public events. For more information, visit and
CLC-VECTA selects Event Partners as a partner for their members and for all meetings
CLC-VECTA Center for Live Communication is the branch organization for anyone professionally involved in organizing, accommodating and facilitating fairs, congresses, meetings, events, entertainment and incentives. "In a changing world in which CLC-VECTA wants to continue innovating in terms of service to its members, they are constantly expanding and improving their services. Therefore, CLC-VECTA selects Eventpartners as partners for invitation and registration," said CLC -VECTA. Go to: for more information.
Cooperation Aon Event insurance
Eventpartners has expanded its service with the affiliate programme of Aon Insurance; Eventpartners customers can now insure their event till € 100,000 and 1,000 participants! Above this limit Aon Insurance offers online customized solutions.
Eventpartners member of the Belgian Expobel
Eventpartners Belgian customers appreciate that also in Belgium we keep abreast of the latest developments in the field event. It offers us the opportunity to work with strong Belgian organisations. In short, we are grateful for our membership of


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