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Organizing the visitor registration for your event

We are happy to organize the visitor registration for your conference, fair or event. A project manager will discuss the options and wishes with you. We then advise you on the right systems and capacities. Together with the on-site managers and hostesses of Eventpartners, we can completely take over the organization of the access control for your event.

Event Partners offers advanced visitor registration software. This allows you to set the needs of your visitor registration easily. Can a bar code be scanned only one time for optimal control? Whether it is intended that participants smoke outside and is it necessary to scan the ticktets several times? Will there be a scan when people leave the event so you are able to know exactly who's there at any given moment?


Next to the visitor acces registration Eventpartners also provides visitor registration for exhibitors, the ExpoWebScan. Exhibitors scan participants who are interested in their product and build a database without manual data entry.


The last type of visitor registration is ParallelsessionWebScan. By parallel sessions, the participants recorded. In the system can be chosen to admit only participants who have previously registered or allow anyone and add to them the present list. After the event, digital hand-outs and specific session evaluation forms can be sent easily.



According to the capacities of your event, we provide professional or industrial hardware. Our precise composite systems are designed specifically for events, have been widely tested and are now fully established for this purpose.

Service on location
We provide hostesses for your event who are representative and customer-friendly and can cope well with our systems. Following the curve of your event, we will send you the recording consoles for visitors. We deliver a demonstration and we take care of the rollout and support during the event.

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