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online payment

The payment module allows the participant to pay for his or her participation online.

Registration and payment

The participant registers through the registration page and will have the option to pay online. You can choose almost all payment methods world wide:

Credit cards

 MasterCard - Wereld

 VISA - Wereld 

  Amserican Express - Wereld

Online Payment


 Bancontact / Mister Cash - BE

 Sofortüberweisung / Direct E banking - AT, BE, CH, DE


 Eenmalige incasso - NL

 Electronic Direct Debit / Lastschrift (ELV) - DE

Bank transfer(sending the invoice)

 Bank transfer - all countries in the European Union

The participant will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail with full invoice as a PDF attachment and will only receive the e-ticket after the payment is done.

Managing payments

You can manage the online payments. The system displays a list of participants and their payment status. Payments must be made to a payment service provider. This provider is linked to the online system. Once a payment is received, it is immediately sent to the online system and the payment status will be adjusted. It is possible to make an export of the payment status of the participants.

Early-bird discount
Participants who register before a certain date, receive an Early Bird discount.

Promotional code (administration)
Participants enter their personal login code. In this code the participant type is incorporated. The system detects the code and has specific charges for the participant. This may include VIP's to sign up for free and board members for a reduced price.
In management, the organization can assign and create discount code for participants. It is possible to indicate the maximum number of coupon codes, for example 5 free tickets per company. The amount of discount for every specific attendee can be entered.

Sponsor Management

Do you want to grand access to you system to specific organizations and sponsors, so that they can reserve tickets for their Organization? This is possible with sponsor management. Sponsors receive a personal link, on which they can reserve tickets. In the management of the organization you can indicate how many tickets the sponsor may reserve. If there is a (reduced) rate for these tickets, an invoice can be send to the sponsor at a certain moment.

Adjusting the product selection

It is also possible for the participant  to adjust the product selection. After the participant has registered they can use a link in the confirmation email to change the data. After the participant changed the data, he or she will receive a confirmation email with the added changes and a new invoice.