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online participant registration

What do you want to know about your participants when they register? These can be things like addresses, parallel sessions, dietary choice and transport needs. We compose the registrationform to your needs.

The online registrationform makes it possible for participants to register online. This registration page is made in the style of your event. The fields are efficient and well equipped with filters, pull down menus or radio buttons.

Data pre-input invintees
With pre-inputs, the names and addresses of the guests are put into the system. If your relationship logs on with a log link or code, known fields are already entered. The guest checks the data and changes the data if necessary. This way your database stays up to date and you know for sure that the confirmation and e-ticket are send to the correct e-mail.

Personal link
Participants receive a personal link by mail. By clicking on the link the participant are directly send to the registrationform of the event, where they can fill in or change their data. When using the personal link it is not necessary to copy the URL or code. He or she will be send to the right spot on the website immediately. Would you like to invite extra guests after the mailing? This you can easily do by hand in the back office.

Personal login code
Participants receive a login code and URL of the eventwebsite. They enter the code on the website. The system recognizes the code and provides access to the registration page. The advantage of using a login code is that it can used both by email and post. In addition, the codes are easily transferable, so afterwards you can provide codes for additional guests.

Participant types
Did you file your guests in different types of participants? Examples are VIPs, exhibitors, directors, internal staff or members. With a personal code or link, they are authenticated and granted access to the system. You can give them different opportunities and questions, such as a free dinner for VIPs and special workshops for members.

Choosing parallel sessions and parallel session management

Your participants can choose parallel sessions in the registration form. Maximum numbers per session can be set. If a session is full, it will be declared and it is not possible to choose the session.

With the parallel session management you can add and edit descriptions of speakers and sessions.
These descriptions will pop up when the participant clicks on the session in the registration form. Do you still want to wait and see which sessions runs best, so you can move around with several rooms? You can easily adjust these maximum numbers in the parallel session management.