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Are you organizing an event with workshops? Eventpartners can help you with several services.

Firstly, we can arrange your online registration. Interested and / or guests can register through your website. Registration for workshops can be done easily by working with a maximum number of available places. The system indicates when a session is full. This session is then no longer selectable. Furthermore, you can add descriptions of the workshops. Think of information about the topic and the speaker.

Secondly, we are at your service on the day of the congress itself with our professional visitors registration service. After a scan, your visitors receive a personal badge in the style of the event. This can also be printed with workshops and room numbers. In this way, participants know where they should be on what time(s).

Finally, it may be useful to work with the WorkshopScan. With this, visitors badges are scanned at the entries of the workshop rooms. It allows you to know exactly who was present at what session. You can use this information to, for example, post a mailing to a specific group of visitors that was present at a certain workshop.