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Are you organizing a gathering for, for example, a particular industry? Eventpartners ensures that all resources are available for participants to have as much contacts as possible.

At the online registration you can ask for names and addresses of the person, the company he / she works for, why he / she visits the event, etcetera. Moreover, if you have arranged workshops, you can let the participants make a choice from the various workshops. The system automatically displays whether a workshop is full and is no longer selectable.

On location, we are present to make a professional personalized badge for each participant. The badge shows the name and company. Everyone also has a personal bar code.
With the bar code, participants can use the Digital Handshake. On a scandesk, two or more visitors can scan their badges in turns. Through an apllication, contact data are rapidly exchanged. Participants will receive a mail with these data. With the Digital Handshake, business cards have become unnecessary.
If you have arranged workshops, you can easily and quickly register who was present at what workshop by using the WorkshopScan. With the WorkshopScan, visitors badges are scanned at the entry to the workshop room and data are stored in the system.